PROG.FM Song Stats

2 Tuned In Artist Title Album Year
Now Playing Marathon Beyond the Veil The First Run 1994
Up Next Kingfisher Sky Persephone Hallway of Dreams 2008
After That Kalon Twilight Pathways of Memory Dark Sky Bright Sun 2006

Song History Artist Title Album Year
Galleon The Price From Land To Ocean CD 1 2003
Glass Hammer Perelandra Perelandra
La Torre dell'Alchimista Acquario La Torre dell'Alchimista 0
ExhiVision Windyne ExhiVision 2004
Galadriel The Probe Mindscapers 2004
Ozric Tentacles Far Dreaming Swirly Termination
Marillion Estonia This Strange Engine
PRE Child Of Sorrow PRE
Roswell Six The Sinking of the Luminara Terra Incognita 2009