PROG.FM Song Stats

6 Tuned In Artist Title Album Year
Now Playing IQ Harvest of Souls (Part I) Dark Matter 2004
Up Next Ka´pa Our Deepest Inner Shore Mindrevolutions 2005
After That Magnitude Nine Walk Through The Fire Decoding The Soul

Song History Artist Title Album Year
National Health The Apocalypso Complete 1990
Conspiracy There is No End The Unknown 2003
Pendragon Dance of the 7 Veils Not of this World
ExhiVision Japanese Title 1 ExhiVision 2004
Kansas The Devil Game Best of Kansas (1999 reissue) 2004
F.r.e.u.d. History Of The Sandman Time Passengers 1998
Power Job Power Job Power Job 2002
Negus Satellites Dare to Dream 2009
House of Usher Faith Body of Mind