PROG.FM Song Stats

13 Tuned In Artist Title Album Year
Now Playing Glass Hammer Farewell to Shadowlands Shadowlands 2004
Up Next Magenta Genetesis Revolutions
After That Agitation Free Rucksturz Malesch 1971

Song History Artist Title Album Year
Grey Lady Down I Believe Forces
Mastermind Sudden Impulse Excelsior
Hidria Spacefolk Sindran Rastafan HDRSF-1 2001
Socrates & Vangelis Killer Phos 0
Solaris Apokalipszis Marsbéli Krónikák 0
Andeavor Jigsaw Once Upon Time
Rush The Main Monkey Business Snakes & Arrows 2007
7 For 4 E-Gyptian Contact 2001
Morglbl Totale Bricole Grotesk 2009