PROG.FM Song Stats

2 Tuned In Artist Title Album Year
Now Playing 7 for 4 Spiral Dance Diffusion 2008
Up Next Aragon The Cradle Don't Bring the Rain
After That Colosseum Rope Ladder To The Moon Anthology Disc 1

Song History Artist Title Album Year
Teru's Symphonia Humanizer (Dream of an Android The Gate
Calliope La Terra dei Grandi Occhi La Terra Dei Grandi Occhi
The Underground Railroad Julian II The Origin of Consciousness 2005
Transatlantic Rose Colored Glasses The Whirlwind 2009
Mahavishnu Orchestra Eternity's Breath Visions of the Emerald Beyond 2009
Deep Forest Soul Elevator Music Detected 2002
Dialeto Enigma Will Exist Forever 2009
Gru Stellar Cosmogenesis 2010
Hybrid Wild Idea Chasing the Dream