PROG.FM Song Stats

13 Tuned In Artist Title Album Year
Now Playing Arena The Shattered Room Pepper's Ghost 2004
Up Next Electric Outlet Odd Garage On! 2006
After That Andeavor House of Rags Once Upon Time

Song History Artist Title Album Year
Ad Infinitum All Hallows Eve Ad Infinitum
Jerry Goodman Going on 17 Ariel
Mannheim Steamroller Escape from the Atmosphere Fresh Aire 5 1983
Liquid Tension Experiment Freedom Of Speech Liquid Tension Experiment 1998
Cast Dawn Imaginary Windows 1998
Dante Ghost from the Past The Inner Circle 2007
La Torre dell'Alchimista Delirio (in do minore) La Torre dell'Alchimista 0
Dialeto Gunga Din Will Exist Forever 2009
IQ Promises (As The Years Go By) Nomzamo