PROG.FM Song Stats

1 Tuned In Artist Title Album Year
Now Playing Galleon The Ocean (Part 3) From Land to Ocean 2003
Up Next The Watch Goddess Vacuum 2004
After That Trey Gunn Joy of Molybdenum Joy of Molybdenum

Song History Artist Title Album Year
Fruitcake Fly Away How To Make It
Thinking Plague The Aesthete In Extremis 1998
5 After 4 Now Is Then Notorious 1993
A.C.T. Torn by a Phrase (Garden) Last Epic 2003
Arabesque Heal Me The Union 2003
Rush A Farewell to Kings Chronicles (disk 1 of 2) 1990
Corbin Keep In Silent Awe (Part 2) Call of the Wild Cello
Wyzards Armageddon The Final Catastrophe
Egg You Are All Princes Egg 1970